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 Nity Gritz Interview with BDR

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Nity Gritz

Nity Gritz

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Nity Gritz Interview with BDR Empty
PostSubject: Nity Gritz Interview with BDR   Nity Gritz Interview with BDR I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 1:04 am


Today I Had a chat with Paisley based emcee " Nity Gritz", aka morbid styles, to find out a little more about the man himself his music and his views.

1) Nity Would you like to complete your intorduction and let us know a little about yourself?

Of course, my pleasure.. I'm Nity Gritz, I've been rapping for 6 and a half years, I got into hip hop about 2 years before i started rhyming. I'm also known as Morbid Stylez,Lord Vulgamore & The Gutter Rat.

2) Nice one. you got inot hip hop before you started spitting, so when did u actualy get into it, when did you decide it was for you?

I was 12.. coming on 13, i remember it was the september of 2000, When i started writng rhymes, I had a vibe.. like, there was something crazy going on inside my head, like i had let the demon loose with a penil, to be honest, it didnt matter what the beat was, i just wanted to write on it, i guess, i was overly enthusiastic.. I decided it wasnt just 'a hobby'. I've always been creative, when I was 12, I lit a plastic plant on fire and burned my curtains up.. irrelevent, or is it just a bit of insight into my character?

3) O.k So twelve year old arsonist goin on hip hopper growing up in paisley. Not exactly a Hip Hop stronghold, What sort of reaction did your lifestyle choice get from the locals, friends etc?

At first, people were like 'you cant rap..' as much as i was offended, everybody starts out weak, progression is a learning technique, i've had all kinda of talks with people & all sorts of conversations 'is it practical? can u make a living on it?' it honestly doesnt matter to me wether i can make a living or not, it makes me happy & it's a much more practical way of 'venting' than strangling someone

4) Definate. Sounds like you put up with a few people talking you down. Who or what influenced you musicaly or otherwise to keep going?

one fucked up incident after another, always a reason to vent. I give thanks to Bigg Taj, I leanred alot from him. Big Div was the first person to introduce me to the 'Scottish Scene' yes, I like all of you, started off with a YANK ACCENT! i'm not ashamed of it, i didnt know any better, GET OFF MY BACK! these days I'd say alot of inspiration is drawn from Bill Breakz, even if I'm not in the mood to write, when I hear a new beat from Bill, I always end up writing atleast 32 bars. I get alot of inspiration from everything around me, I'm very succeptible to the decay of society, I leech on it.

5) Got A feeling we will be hearing more about bill later, I gather you have a few projects due for release this year can you elaborate?

well, i'm working on a solo LP 'Lovesick' if u imagine a 'relationship' it starts off, happy, up tempo & spontaneous.. after a while it becomes chilled out, laid back & familiar.. towards the end (if this particular relationship does end) it becomes aggressive, angry, sad.. maybe depressive, excuse my lack of vocabular. thats how i sum my album up, without the lack of vocab. i'm also working on the Shadowpeople LP, very intense chemistry between us, it seems to work. I wont say too much about that, as I dont know that much about it, yet. Theres is also an EP coming from Myself & Wurrd ' Sinister Sinisism' it's almost complete, We decided we'd just go ahead and make things happen whilst we wait for other people to finish off what they;re working on at the moment. This has been, proably the most creative project for me, persoanlly, i've worked alot harder on my rhyme schemes, delivery, topic matter, word play, like i said, it's a progressive lesson.

6) Busy man. What kinda release are we looking at, vinyl cd or keepin it 2008 with the mp3's? where can we get that shit?

Theres no talk of Vinyl yet, CDs will be pressed up & of course, the good old Free Download on A few tracks will be put on just to let people know what the vibe is. I will also be updating my page regularly

7) Excellant, You released any previous material newer fans might wanna check out?

recorded an album with Bigg Taj, he produced the whole thing, it's called 'Kiss My Gritz LP' we didnt do anything with it, by the time it was recorded, I had started to progress, my rhymes got alot more structured, so the album seemed 'lop sided' I also recorded an EP 'Self Inflicted' I sold a few copies at gigs, thats as far as it went, I still intend to throw it up for download. no offense to those who bought it, you should have waited.. good things come to those who wait

8)I will look out for that. "Pass the Vibes" @ Medina? You performed here recently howd did that come about and how'd it go down?

Scott (Wurrd) actually handled that whole thing, i didnt know about it, until.. maybe two weeks before we were supposed to perform. it must be said, I didnt let the side down, I got very drunk, Forgot a few lyrics.. but I freestyled the gaps in orderly fashion. That was the second time scott had hyped me, couldnt ask for a better hypeman. I'm a bit of a let down when it comes to hyping people,I struggle to memorise my own verses. medina was a nice venue. I also performed, previously at the beat club. with Cass (Hawley Griffin) & scott (wurrd) that one went down well.. I'm also working on an EP with Cass (Legion of Doom) as soon as he Finishes Mint City, I urge you too look out for that. & I'll be waiting in the Shadows.

9) Youve been warned people. Any Plans For future gigs?

I dont have anything planned at the moment, I'm more focused on the music, rather than gigging, dont get me wrong, I love performing, I'm just tired of performing the same old material, I've been busy, a few solo track here and there that arent for the projects i'm working on, I'm also doing a video for 'Bad At Life' but the person whose shooting it is in greece for a month, so, i'll have to be patient..

10) Concentrating on your tunes then. Speaking of that I heard your track " chiniese whispers". Was this pureley personal or do you feel this sort of stuff is affecting hip hop locally?

chinese whispers.. erm.. yeah, Chinese whispers, for me, was on a personal level, I had heard little things from certain people, who i wont mention. I heard this & heard that. somebody hacked my myspace page, totally fucked the first page up. the same person spread a few lies about me. I felt i had to address it. I wont go into too much detail about.. Chinese Whispers, as a concept.. alot of people hear one thing and misconstrue the situation, words get merged with lies & it becomes unplesant. I fell that i got everything off my chest, although subliminal, people know what they done & they know who i'm talking about when they hear that tune, it doesnt have to go any further than that. it's a well known fact the truth can be manufactured, if the right people speak thier 'manufactured' beliefs. we'll leave it at that.

11) Ok you previously mentioned shadow people, lets touch on that again. Who is it what is it and where is it heading?

SHADOWPEOPLE BITCH!! shadowpeople is Nity Gritz, Bill Breaks, Wurrd & Bombdiss, it started off as a 'one project thing' and we far as I know, it's not going to be, we all have different styles that compliment each other, as opposed to being one big collective of MCs & each track just sounds like a big cypher (we all love cyphers, but thats what freestyles are good for GET ME?) the direction we're headed in.. only time will tell, have havent confined ourselves to just 'shadowpeople' were all working with artist through out the scene. the thing that keeps us so level headed is that theres no jealousy between us, like.. if scott records a dope track, i wont go out of my way to tell him it's dope but secretly plot to OUT DO him, thats not a healthy relationship. as far as releases, we'll focus on the shadowpeople LP 'From the Shadows to the Gallows' and we'll take it from there. were also hosting the next Podcast on BDR thanks to Bill Breakz

12) Look forward to it. Let us know who your feeling outside your own circle, people youd like to work with or jst general all round good guys

People who i have collabos with in the near future.. chad the lad, he's a great MC, his delivery is always on point. Skribbo, this guy appeared from no where.. he's killing everything he touches, I've got a tune coming soon with him, and i've been working with Doonhamer AKA Uncle Being on a few things.. I've got mad respect for shadowpeople, evaDepoD. Cass, Enser, ATH, Big Div, Skribbo, Gasp, Eastborn, Bigg Taj, Philly Bluntz, Defy, Werd, Stones the Riddlah, Lateface, there are soo many people who've helped me, who i respect, who i can vibe with on a personal level.. If i've forgot to mention anybody, it's because i'm drunk.. regardless of your opinion IT IS AN EXCUSE!

13) O.k Last thing, is there anything you feel ive missed that you would like to talk about, shout outs etc?

yes.. theres a couple of things..I recently hosted 'Scotland Stand Up Vol.2' I was chatting with Scuba Steve & he needed a host, i said i'd do it & that same night i recorded all the drops, he sent me the 'tracklist' and i just said a fews kind words. Also.. 'Scotland Stand Up Vol.2' the proceed of this are going to York Hill Childrens Charity, so search your heart for your charitable side & buy a GOD DAMN CD! shout outs.. no body really wants tro be shouted out. people know who they are & what they mean to me.. I LOVE EVERYBODY (i need to calm down on the aocohol before i invite u all to an party in my pants)

Right well i think thats cue for the ending about now so thanks for the time and keep doing your thing

thank you, big yourself up.. i think, a pat on the back would be most worthy. let me ask you one thing.. Scotland, whose your daddy?

So thats Nity gritz straight from the horses mouth. You can check him out at keep an eye out for the new releases with shadow people, legion of doom and the solo material all due this year and will be placed in the downloads section at b.d.r.


Buy the New scotland stand up volume 2 cd all proceeds to york hill childrens charity. get yourself a dope cd and feel good about doin it.

Bringdarukus = Supporting Scottish HipHop

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Nity Gritz Interview with BDR
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