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 Sprung A Leak Vol. 1

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Nity Gritz

Nity Gritz

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Sprung A Leak Vol. 1 Empty
PostSubject: Sprung A Leak Vol. 1   Sprung A Leak Vol. 1 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 4:55 am

Hey guys, myself, wurrd and donnie c have been wide awake for 2 days straight, existing on energy drinks, toast & banana & crisps. it's been hardcore. plus wurrd forgot his meds & drank about 8 cans of relentless, in the space of 4 hours.. never the less, we recorded a mixtape. 7 tracks deep. titled:

Sprung A Leak Vol.1

it's a free download, of course & the link is: JJ2D1356

that link again is: JJ2D1356

please, enjoy.

leave your thoughts, lets us know how you feel about said project. bare in mind, it's a 2 day effort & we only made it to have fun. i believe thats pretty obvious once you;ve heard the vibes we're on.

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Sprung A Leak Vol. 1
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